Here you will find material of the courses I teach.

Teaching philosophy

When it comes to teaching, lecturers are vastly different in my experience. I’ve had the full spectrum, dull lecturers, working through their script with their main interest being to pass the 90 minutes of student contact, and inspiring lecturers who get you personally interested in the topic they are teaching.
I try to be one of the latter. That’s why I seek to develop new ways of transfering the lecture-content, and try to come up with very descriptive and graphic examples. This turns out to be difficult very often as detailed knowledge is required to be able to break a complex topic down into simple processes. One man who excells at teaching, and being one big Idol of mine, was Richard Feynman Further I try to incorporate digital learning methods in my teaching, namely in form of Jupyter notebooks. I use them in the exercise course Geothermics I teach at the RWTH Aachen University.


methods, concepts, and more

Here are links to the github repository with explanatory material for topics in geothermics. It is thought to be complementary to the course Geothermics taught at the RWTH Aachen University, so it may not cover all aspects of the field.

The github repository comprises different notebooks accompanying my exercise lecture in Geothermics.
Content of these exercise lectures cover the whole span of thermodynamic basics, over measurement procedures and their analysis, to numerical modelling of geothermal reservoirs and borehole heat exchangers.
Next to the exercises held in class, I add explanatory jupyter-notebooks for providing more detailed explanations of topics discussed in class.

Notebooks in NBviewer:

Notebooks in an interactive environment:

You can also work on notebooks interactively by using binder. Click on the binder badge to get to a remote notebook server: