My name is Jan. I’m a geoscientist. In 2012, I’ve got a masters degree in the European Master Program of Sedimentary Basins and Lithosphere (short-name: Basinmaster). Since then, I’m working as a PhD student at the Institute for Applied Geophysics and Geothermal Energy.
My work circles around geothermal reservoir modelling and covers the whole process from gathering data, over building a conceptual geological model, to running numerical simulations about mass and heat transport in the reservoir system. Of special interest for me in this context is “how reliable are our predictions from the numerical model, when already the geological input is highly uncertain?”

So in a nutshell, my research interests comprise:

From May 2018 to December 2018, I worked as a research assistant at the Chair of Computational Geoscience and Reservoir Engineering. There, I worked on a project which specifically targets innovation in digital teaching and learning.

Since January 2019, I’m back to the academia revolving about geothermics and its potential to be an energy source complementary to solar, wind, and hydro-power. I know work at the Geothermal Energy and Geofluids group at ETH Zürich.

If I’m not in the office, I love to spend my time making music, bouldering, or digging deeper into astronomy…